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Our Reception Staff!

Our Reception Staff!  1 Miss Mackay - Purple Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)
Our Reception Staff!  2 Ms Dalglish - Purple Class Teacher (Thurs/Fri)
Our Reception Staff!  3 Mrs Turner - Purple Class Teaching Assistant
Our Reception Staff!  4 Miss Bonnar - Blue Class Teacher
Our Reception Staff!  5 Mrs Brandwood - Blue Class Cover Teacher
Our Reception Staff!  6 Miss Eke Blue Class Teaching Assistant
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Parent Share

As you may know, in Nursery and Reception we use a programme called ‘2Build a Profile’ on an iPad to take photographs and make notes about each child. These observations form a profile of each child which allows us to assess their development and plan for their next steps in all areas of learning.

We have recently added a feature of 2Build a Profile called Parent Share. This will allow us to share our observations of your child with you via email, and for you to respond and add to your child’s profile too, helping us to form a clear picture of your child as a learner both in and out of school.

Every half term your child will have observations taken over a period of time. We will then send you an email which contains these observations. This is very much a snapshot of your child’s time with us and so will provide a small insight for you about what they are doing independently during their time in school.

To set up Parent Share for EYFS we require your email address and then you will receive an invitation email from 2Build a Profile. You then click on the confirmation link to allow 2Build a Profile to send you the emails. Please note there is a maximum of two email addresses per child.

We are very excited about this new way of sharing your child’s achievements with you, and we look forward to working together with you to further our understanding of your child.

Parent share enables you to send us observations of your child at home showing what learning they are showing you. These observations can be added to your child's profile to show a home school partnership.


Date to be emailed out

Autumn 1

15th November 2017

Autumn 2

15th December 2017

Spring 1

9th February 2018

Spring 2

29th March 2018

Summer 1

25th May 2018

Summer 2

13th July 2018