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Letters from the Children in Year 2 to the Prime Minister and his response!!

Unicef Book Sale

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Our Mission Statement

Every child is given the opportunity to be the best that they can be.  Every child is encouraged to ensure that their rights and the rights of others are respected.

Hillside 2014


Unicef UK is pioneering an initiative in UK schools called the Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA).  The award scheme started in 2004 and is running in more than 1000 primary and secondary schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  One of the greatest challenges that schools face is to define a clear set of values - not just rules - that has been developed with the full involvement of the shool community and is actively upheld by pupils.


UNICEF UK's RRSA initiative helps schools to use the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) as the values framework that enables this to be achieved.  Evidence gathered from schools participating in the RRSA suggests that when the values of the UNCRC underpin the ethos and curriculum of the school, they have a significant, positive impact on important aspects of child well-being and school improvement.  They also have a positive effect on the relationships, teaching approaches, attitudes and behaviour of everyone involved.  




The children at Hillside have been busy this year, working on their understanding and promotion of Children's Rights. They have helped staff make good decisions when reviewing school policies. They have also supported the training of teachers in Uganda by raising an amazing £600 from three book sales. Chloe and Poppie spoke to the congregation of Fairfield Church as ambassadors for Chidlren's Rights. The children also made sure that tghier opinions where heard by writing o David Cameron expressing concern about the care of children affected by emergencies like war and natural disasters. This was part of the OutRight campaign organised by UNICEF. They held two assemblies for parents to share the campaign with the school community.  



We raised an amazing amount of money for UNICEF:  £1,775.31


We introduced the RRS Award to Yeading Junior School and some children came to watch an assembly and take part in an activity linked to identifying children's rights.


Our pupils took part in discussion about the content of the following policies: Inclusion, Medical Needs and Ethnic Minority Achievement.  Their input resulted in some procedural changes.  They also gave their views following staff training on differentiation.


Children supported their family's understanding of the rights by completing some family homework tasks including:


* comparing the education of children living in the rain forest with the education at Hillside Infant School (Article 28)

* establishing all the ways that parents/carers keep children safe (Articles 18 & 19)

* celebrating customs and cultures; communities and family backgrounds (Articles 8 & 14)

* considering the rights of children who live in the rubbish dumps (Article 27)


The children have raised £285.00 from the sale of their amazing artwork.  This money has been sent to Unicef to help them uphold the rights of children in other countries.

All classes have a Class Charter which will help all adults and children learn about children's rights and make sure they are upheld at Hillside.


For more information about UNICEF - please visit or on youtube -




We hope that families have enjoyed the whole school homework that was set linked to Article 31 - Every child has the right to relax, play and join in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.  We enjoyed seeing all the photographs sent in to school and were impressed by the range of fun activities families engaged in.  A display linked to this homework is in the nursery.  The other whole school homework was linked to healthy eating and Article 24 - Every child has the right to the best possible health.  If you planted seeds as part of this homework we would like to see photos of the produce.


Year 2 children performed in an assembly designed to spread the message to parents about Article 12 - Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views taken seriously;  Year 1 have an exciting assembly planned for this term.


The children have been learning about inequalities in access to education by getting involved in the Global Campaign for Education.  You may have seen the large collages placed along the school fence with the message 'It's not fair'.  In addition to getting the message to local pedestrians and drivers, some Year 2 children wrote letters to Nick Hurd, MP, resulting in a visit from him to learn more about the campaign.


Mr. Hurd promised to raise this important issue with the Prime Minister, which he did.  Below is a copy of the response from David Cameron.








Teacher training in Uganda

Poppie and Chloe in Year 2 started an email conversation with Jody, a teacher in Uganda. She is developing phonics training for teachers and needed some resources. Three book sales were organised – two in school and one at Fairfield Church. Chloe and Poppie went to speak to the congregation and explain about children’s rights. The book sales raised £600 and now Jody has the money to spend on resources. She will be in touch to let us know how she has spent the money.

OutRight Assemblies

Reception, Years 1 and 2 held two assemblies about the Outright Campaign which was about putting pressure on governments to make sure that children who are affected by war or disaster are looked after.

OutRight Campaign

Children in Red Class and Green Class wrote letters to David Cameron to remind him of the Articles linked to children facing emergency situations and to ask what his government is doing about it. We have received a response from 10 Downing Street to say that the letters have been given to the Department for International Development. We are waiting for them to respond.

Christmas Concerts

A collection is being taken at the Christmas Concerts which will be given to UNICEF to support their work helping children worldwide