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Hillside Infant School

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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education enables children to develop positive attitudes and behaviours.  It supports pupils in making informed decisions and judgements, developing their own role within the community and within society.  P.S.H.E. encourages respect for others and others’ opinions and promotes pupil’s own self-esteem.  It teaches about a healthy lifestyle, both physically and emotionally and children learn about keeping themselves safe.



  • To provide a curriculum that develops skills and attributes including resilience, risk assessment, self-esteem and team work.
  • Give children the skills and knowledge to become healthy, independent and responsible citizens.
  • To focus on the broad themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.
  • To provide a safe and non-judgemental space for children to explore and explain their own feelings and views.



Our P.S.H.E. curriculum covers all areas of the subject.  As a school we use the core themes from the P.S.H.E. Association Scheme of Work which are: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Living in the Wider World. P.S.H.E. is taught in each class on a weekly basis.  Each year group, from Nursery to Year two, work on the same termly topic at an age appropriate level.  Children learn about their place in the community and the world.  They discuss and celebrate how people are different to each other.  Being and keeping healthy, both physically and mentally, are key elements that the children learn about and discuss.  Children learn about friendships and family relationships and also think about how they themselves change and develop over time.  There are many other opportunities where children are involved in P.S.H.E. outside of the discreet lesson, including assemblies where a range of themes are covered. Some of these include cross curriculum teaching (e.g. RE and Geography), external agencies visit the school to supplement our curriculum (e.g. Hillingdon Road Safety) and taking part in days that raise awareness for charities and themed weeks (e.g. Anti-Bullying week).


Although Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is non-statutory, Hillside Infant School make provision for P.S.H.E. and elements are sometimes covered discretely as well as through other topics and subject areas. Learning and teaching about the P.S.H.E. lays the foundation knowledge for making lifestyle choices in the future. There is some overlap with Relationships Education and Health Education. 


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