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Hillside Infant School

Hillside Infant School

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Staff - Who's Who

Infant School Staff 


Mrs Fennell


Mrs Gibson

Assistant Headteacher/ EYFS Lead

Mrs Meenagh

Assistant Headteacher/Inclusion

Mrs Oruc

Assistant Headteacher/KS1 Lead

Miss Fernandes 

Class Teacher (Silver Class)

Ms Leung

Class Teacher (Gold Class)

Mrs Howie

Class Teacher (Red Class) Mat Leave 

Mrs Anacheite  Class Teacher (Red Class)

Mrs Dunlop

Class Teacher (Green Class)

Mrs Daniels Class Teacher (Purple Class)

Miss Bain

Class Teacher (Blue Class)

Miss Waller

Lead Practitioner (Nursery)

Mrs Whiting 

Teaching Assistant (Silver Class)

Mrs Tieche 

Teaching Assistant (Gold Class)

Mrs Hennessy

Teaching Assistant (Nursery) MAT Leave 

Mrs Morgan

Teaching Assistant (Green Class)

Mrs De Sousa

Teaching Assistant (Red Class)

Mrs Rattansi

Teaching Assistant (Red Class)

Mrs Turner

Teaching Assistant (Purple Class)

Mrs Gough 

Teaching Assistant (Blue Class)

Ms Dhokia

Teacher (Nursery)

Ms Dunareanu  Teaching Assistant (Nursery) 
Mrs Wall  Teaching Assistant (Nursery)

Miss Pugh

Play Therapist/Family Support Worker/After School Club Coordinator 

Mrs Ostas

Pastoral Support for Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing.

Miss Lloyd

Inclusion Teaching Assistant

Ms Cusdin Inclusion Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Lothian

Inclusion Teaching Assistant/After School Club Assistant

Mrs Henderson

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Miranda  Breakfast Club Assistant
Mrs Ferencz Teaching Assistant (Nursery) MAT Leave 
Mrs Henderson  Inclusion Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Best  Inclusion Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Fowley Inclusion Teaching Assistant 

Miss Maddison

SMSA/ Inclusion Teaching Assistant

Mrs Araujo

After School Club Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Hoang

SMSA/Inclusion Teaching Assistant

Mrs Whitney


Mrs Ganesh


Mrs Patel

Business Manager

Mrs Haines

School Secretary

Mrs O’Donnell


Mrs MacLachan

Welfare and Attendance Officer

Mr Baker

Site Supervisor

Mrs Pereira


Miss Monteiro


Miss Mateus  Cleaner 

Mrs Whitney