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Attendance Matters


All schools have been asked to ensure that children are in school at least 96% of the time. If children have no more than seven days absence over the course of the year, then they will achieve the expected level of attendance.

Our attendance registers are monitored by the local authority and we have to demonstrate that we are doing everything we can to support families to keep attendance at the highest level possible.

If a child is not in school, and we do not know the reason why, we have procedures that we have to follow in this order.

  1. Call the first/main contact
  2. Call any other contact numbers we hold
  3. Visit the home address
  4. Call the police

This is because any child’s safety has to be the most important thing. There have been cases where serious injury or even death could have been prevented if schools had been more active in finding out why a child was not in school.

We will arrange a meeting with you if your child’s attendance is causing concern however we would like to remind you of the things we can do to help.

  • If your child is too unwell to attend school, you must contact us before 9.15 a.m. to let us know why they are not in school. You can call 0208 249 6857 or This prevents us having to follow the process detailed above.
  • If your child requires liquid paracetamol (like Calpol), we can give this in school. Just let us know if you have given it before school and we can give the next dose.
  • If your child has a medical appointment, please ensure that they are in school before and after the appointment so that they can have the registration marks (e.g. if your child has an appointment for 10.30 a.m., please bring them to school as usual and collect them in time for the appointment, then bring them back).
  • If you have difficulty getting your child to school or collecting them after school, pleased let us know. They can use breakfast and after school club or a staff member may be able to collect a child in exceptional circumstances.

Together we can achieve the best outcomes for your child. Do come and speak to Mrs McLachlan if you are finding any aspect of attendance difficult.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Penalty Notices for Non-Attendance at Schools.

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