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Our Nursery Staff

Our Nursery Staff 1 Mrs Gibson - Assistant Headteacher EYFS
Our Nursery Staff 2 Miss Waller Lead Practitioner
Our Nursery Staff 3 Mrs Hennessy (Frogs Key Worker)
Our Nursery Staff 4 Ms Ferencz (Butterflies Key Worker)

Welcome to Nursery!


Mrs Gibson is the teacher in charge of Nursery and our Lead Practioner is Miss Waller. The key workers are Mrs Ferencz and Mrs Hennessy.


They will all be pleased to welcome you to our Nursery on your visit to Hillside.


Hillside Nursery will almost certainly be your child’s first experience of school. We do everything we can to make it a happy one and a good, positive start to school life. We make sure there are plenty of varied activities and lots of different equipment for the children to use. The learning experiences which we provide for the children are based on the Foundation Stage Curriculum.


The Foundation Stage Curriculum has 7 areas of learning in which the children work towards targets in Reception called the Early Learning Goals.  


The 7 areas of learning are:

Prime Skills

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development


Specific Skills

  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics 
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design.


One of the main aims of the Nursery is to provide a sound basis on which to build good educational and social awareness. The Nursery department works closely with the Reception class teachers to achieve a continuity of learning for children entering our infant school and all the children in Nursery and Reception follow the Development Matters Curriculum.


Click below to access Development Matters


Nursery can be a child’s first experience of spending time away from parents. We want this to be a happy and exciting time - but how we achieve this depends very much on your own individual child.


We start by giving you the opportunity to visit the Nursery together and join in some of the activities for a short while. The next time you come, some children are happy to be left straight away while others need a more gradual approach.  We will discuss this with you to make sure you are happy and confident with the situation. We will arrange a meeting before your child has started Nursery so that we can tell you more about what happens. It is also an opportunity for us to get to know each other.


Please feel welcome to come and visit us. We shall try to make you feel at home and answer any questions you have.


Application forms for the Nursery and Infant School are available in the School Office.  You can also print off the Application forms from this website.  


(While a Nursery place does not guarantee entry into Reception at Hillside Infant School, most children do move on to the Reception class and continue through Hillside Infant and Hillside Junior school)


New Parent Meeting


Parent Share

As you may know, in Nursery and Reception we use a programme called ‘2Build a Profile’ on an iPad to take photographs and make notes about each child. These observations form a profile of each child which allows us to assess their development and plan for their next steps in all areas of learning.

We have recently added a feature of 2Build a Profile called Parent Share. This will allow us to share our observations of your child with you via email, and for you to respond and add to your child’s profile too, helping us to form a clear picture of your child as a learner both in and out of school.

Every half term your child will have observations taken over a period of time. We will then send you an email which contains these observations. This is very much a snapshot of your child’s time with us and so will provide a small insight for you about what they are doing independently during their time in school.

To set up Parent Share for EYFS we require your email address and then you will receive an invitation email from 2Build a Profile. You then click on the confirmation link to allow 2Build a Profile to send you the emails. Please note there is a maximum of two email addresses per child.

We are very excited about this new way of sharing your child’s achievements with you, and we look forward to working together with you to further our understanding of your child.

Parent share enables you to send us observations of your child at home showing what learning they are showing you. These observations can be added to your child's profile to show a home school partnership.