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Hillside Infant School

Hillside Infant School

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British Values and Mission Statement

Mission Statement 


Every child is given the opportunity to be the best that they can be. Every child is encouraged to ensure that their rights and the rights of others are respected. 



British Values at Hillside Infant School


Mutual Respect

At Hillside Infant School we are polite and respectful, we say please and thank you, we respect the equipment in school and we help our friends to tidy up. We respect our elders, we are learning to listen, we wait for our friends to finish speaking before we speak, we do not shout out in class and we enjoy listening to music

We take turns and share, during conversations, when we are reading in a group-standing in a queue and during games with friends.


The Rule of Law
The children are involved in establishing the rules in our school. We follow the behaviour rules of the school and make sure we think of others.


We promote community cohesion and democratic values by providing equal opportunities for all pupils to succeed. We analyse data on the achievement and progress of groups of pupils and make a concerted effort to remove any barriers to access and participation in learning activities and aim to eliminate variation in outcomes for different groups.


Through Pupil Voice and the curriculum we develop skills for participation and
responsible action. We give pupils an appreciation of the need to protect the environment/ecosystem and educate them how to make a difference.


Individual Liberty
We teach children to understand their emotional make up and those of others. We promote common values that highlight diversity and equality, human rights and responsibility.


We deal with any allegations of bullying or harassment connected with prejudice and our
exclusion and behaviour polies do not discriminate against any groups.


We are part of the local community.  We visit Ruislip Lido, Emmanuel Church, Northwood Hills Library and Northwood Hills local shops. 


Tolerance of different Faiths and Beliefs
We celebrate British festivals: Pancake Day, Mother’s Day, St. David’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day-St.George’s Day, Easter, May Day, Father’s Day, Bonfire Night, Harvest Festival, Remembrance Day, St. Andrew’s Day and Christmas. We learn about Britain and its different cultures. We eat British foods: roast dinners-seasonal fruit, vegetables, fish and chips. We learn about the Monarchy and its history.


We learn about the world around us. We celebrate special multicultural days from our local
community and the wider world. We use books and the internet to find out about people
from different cultures and with different beliefs.